# Clear previously defined variables
%reset -f

Interactive Questions

nbinteract also provides built-in methods to easily create multiple choice and short answer questions.

import nbinteract as nbi


nbinteract.multiple_choice takes a question, a list of possible answer choices, and the correct answer. Clicking the buttons shows whether the choice was correct.

nbi.multiple_choice(question="What is 10 + 2 * 5?",
                    choices=['12', '60', '20'],
nbi.multiple_choice(question="Select all prime numbers.",
                    choices=['12', '3', '31'],
                    answers=[1, 2])


nbinteract.short_answer takes a question and an answer.

The answer can either be a string, a list of strings, or a function that returns True when called with the user's input. If the function errors, an error message will be displayed.

nbi.short_answer('What is 1+1?', answers='2', explanation='1+1 is 2')
nbi.short_answer('Enter the first name of a member of the Beatles.',
                 ['John', 'Paul', 'George', 'Ringo'])
nbi.short_answer('Enter an even number.', lambda x: int(x) % 2 == 0)